John Calvin Presbyterian Church and Playschool will be suspending face-to-face gatherings indefinitely due to COVID-19. 
Please note that Church buildings will be open to church staff and delivery personnel only until further notice. If you need to contact us please call the church office at 504-888-1375.
Palm Sunday April 5 continues the live streaming of our Sunday morning worship service.  Streaming will begin at 10:15am to give everyone time to start the streaming link.  This Sunday therewill not be a dial in option by phone. 


The live streaming app VIMEO is compatible with Microsoft, Apple and Android computers, smart phones and tablets.  To test your device open either Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer and search for ‘Test VIMEO Streaming’.  Several test links will be shown or simply double click the test link below at any time before the service:

If you have any difficulties please call David Garland at 504-377-8943.  Once the VIMEO test is complete then you are ready for the Worship service.


To begin the worship service please double click the link below or copy it to your browser.  Starting at 10:15am the live feed will be active.

Possible additional steps are as follows:

  1. If you see a LIVE feed button please tap it
  2. Make sure your speakers are not muted.  You may see aSPEAKER symbol with a line thru it.  Tap it to turn on your speakers.
  3. All smart phones, tablets and portable Computers have speakers but some Desk Top computers do not have speakers.
  4. There are the standard PLAY an PAUSE buttons.  Make sure that Double Bar pause symbol is shown.

For smart phone and tablet users if you are having difficultyconnecting or with buffering (spinning circle) please try the following:

  1. CLEAR or DELETE all active Apps including the VIMEO app.
  2. Try again with the link above.
  3. Do not wait for buffering to clear
Worship Sunday 10:30am
Transitional Pastor Reverend Dr. Don Frampton
4201 Transcontinental Dr
Metairie, LA 70006
Church 504-888-1375
Playschool 504-888-1378