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Pictured left to right (back row): Richard Britson, Laurie Robinson, Barbara Taylor, Danny Cain, Wayne Tracy, Jeremy Moore, Mike Isham and Harry Brown.
(Middle row): Sharon Fortin, Sandy Cranfill and Barbara Remmelts.
(Front row): Beverly Ross, Bill Bottomley and Sheryl Wise.
Not pictured are: Barbara Mchan, Ron Palmisano, Jeanette Spiess, Ray Weindel and Greg Freudenthal


2018 COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENT: Clerk of Session/Moderator Pro Tempore Bill Bottomley

Resource Facilities:
Mike Isham
Buddy Haw
Karla Russo
Beverly Ross – Moderator
Mary Antill
Lorraine Hicks
William Memmott
Outreach/Congregational Life:
Sharon Fortin – Moderator
Barbara Remeltz
Richard Britson
Jananne Lankard
Christian Education:
Jeremy Moore – Moderator
Julie Hebert
Tony Hill
Julie Etland – Moderator
Barbara Taylor
Sandy Cranfill
Financial Volunteer:
David Garland