The coming of God’s Kingdom on Earth was inaugurated with the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Incarnationally, as the body of Christ, we are called by God, in Christ’s example, to close the gap between “what is,” and “what ought to be,” until Christ comes again.  We do that through intentional mission.  Accordingly, we believe God calls the John Calvin Presbyterian Church to community by:


Engaging and equipping one another in the life and work of God’s Church, in worship, in spiritual development, in vibrant fellowship, and by actively proclaiming the Gospel in our community, inviting new friends into Christian fellowship, providing for their health, and bringing wholeness to God’s creation.



     In 2001 our church underwent a ReVisioning process, which informs our mission today.   Our Mission Statement reads in part: “As the body of Christ, we are called by God, in Christ’s example, to close the gap between ‘what is’ and ‘what ought to be’, until Christ comes again.  We believe and confess that:  “The life, death, resurrection, and promised coming of Jesus Christ has set the pattern for the church’s mission.” 

     Almost from the inception of John Calvin, the church has provided major outreach.  Our Playschool has served children and parents for several generations, while maintaining the highest standards and reputation.   Outreach to Anonymous Groups was also established early on.  Today, John Calvin provides first class meeting space for over 20 Anonymous meetings per week, while providing meeting space for numerous other community groups and special events.  

     At John Calvin, you will find a commitment to mission with a continuing effort to increase our outreach by seeking new opportunities.  Here are some of the programs that we serve and support today:
  • Program of Hope: A ministry created by First Presbyterian Church in New Orleans, providing a holistic response to the variety of needs of people in the New Orleans area, who are without permanent housing.  This ministry assists with housing vouchers, clothing, food, counseling, worship and much more.  This outreach is completely run by volunteers.  Every Wednesday, those helped are provided with lunches, housing vouchers, bus tokens, donated clothing, toiletries, et al.  John Calvin is one of 5 rotating area Presbyterian Churches, providing volunteers to serve at First Presbyterian, as well, as support through donations of clothing and other items.
  • Second Harvest Food Bank: Second Harvest is leading the fight against hunger in South Louisiana, providing food access, advocacy, education and disaster response.  It provides food to 474 partners and programs across 23 parishes. Volunteers play a critical role in the work of Second Harvest.  Thousands of volunteers enable it to provide 20 million meals a year to our neighbors across south Louisiana.   At John Calvin, we regularly provide volunteer groups for work-mornings at Second Harvest’s Elmwood Warehouse.
  • Start the Adventures in Reading (STAIR): STAIR is a reading tutoring program for students 7-9 years old.  Students are selected, who can most benefit, and are matched with volunteer tutors to work on reading and language skills, throughout the school year.  Students meet with tutors two afternoons per week or in some cases once on Saturday.   STAIR goals: “to increase reading levels of skill-deficient children, promote self-awareness/esteem, while providing a caring environment.”                                                                                                    John Calvin is one of 29 STAIR sites throughout the greater New Orleans area, providing tutoring to students from Alice Birney Elementary School.  We encourage members to volunteer as tutors.                                              To qualify, prior teaching experience is not necessary.  Three basics are required: “Love reading; enjoy working with children; and, wanting to make a difference in a child’s life.”   Two hours of training is provided, along with professional curriculum with easy to follow instructions for the tutor.