You may know this as St. Patrick’s Day, but this year at John
Calvin, we call it the Playschool’s Art & Fun Festival Day.
From 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM  on March 17th you can bid on
silent auction items,eat the Russo’s delicious jambalaya,
or Popeye’s red beans and rice orJoe Palmero’s famous
hamburgers and hot dogs! Mary Antill and Beverly Ross
will roll you fresh cotton candy and Barbara Taylor
and Dennis Price will tease you with the wonderful smell of
If you’re thirsty, Jeremy Moore and John LaPorte have plenty of
water, soft drinks and juice cups, then for dessert, visit Barbara
McHan and Carolyn Calvin at the sweet booth.
Bring your children or grandchildren or just watch the Playschool
children as Sofia Hill paints faces, the children play games
and win prizes or they follow the maze and obstacle course and
venture off to the smell of farm animals at the petting zoo.
Come by and see for yourself!
Admission is free as is the joy of family time and eager little children’s voices!